About Lumo

Lumo was founded by James Waldner with a mission of providing distinguished design services for businesses and organizations across Canada. Since then, Lumo has expanded and I now provide design services across the globe. While Lumo has received recognition in logo design and corporate identity, it is not the only service provided. I have, due to client pressure also expanded to SEO and web hosting. The mission remains the same; to provide you with the best possible service. After all, your success is my success.

I began freelancing under the name idesign by using a sub domain of a larger company. I quickly developed my online presence and soon outgrew the limited resources that were supplied. Since all the domain names under idesign were taken, and it’s all to common on the net, I decided to re-brand with a completely new name. After six months of researching brand development, I chose the name Lumo.

Why Lumo?

Lumo comes from the word illuminate. Since a large part of my business revolves around creativity and ideas, Lumo also represents a great idea which is often resembled by a light bulb. A light bulb illuminates! Add an ‘o’ at the end and you have Lumo. I also liked the idea of light representing visibility for not only my clients business or website but also hosting and SEO services.  Lumo – fresh, friendly and unique.