Feathers & Fur

Feathers & Fur was designed for a pet store and combines a parrot and a dog’s face into the mark.


I wanted to create a solid badge type logo with a country twist for this logo. Designed for a wholesale processor.


Linkdrinks uses a combination of a drinking cup and a golf course green. It’s creatively designed to symbolize liquid in the cup.


For statistical software. The mark features a fox and a pie chart. A fox is considered to be a smart animal and a suitable name for creative statistical software.

Readers in Bloom

Readers in Bloom is for an fun educational program that encourages children to read and explore literature. The mark features a flower/book combination in a creative way.


A friendly children’s clothing brand using natural child friendly colours.

Parkview Pre-cast

Parkview Pre-cast is a concrete precasting company located in the Riding Mountain region of Manitoba. The mark features a ‘p’ between the hills and the sun.


Logo for an equipment repair and reselling company. A plain but ‘to the point logo’ was what the company preferred.

Wingham HB School

Logo for an Independent School from Manitoba. Wanted something formal and well designed and this seal/stamp approach worked.


Fun brand currently for sale that could be used in many different areas. The snuggle raccoon in a circular fashion is cute, and versatile.

Dakotaland Woodwork

Dakotaland Woodwork is a US company specializing in custom woodworking designs. They make a variety of wooden products from kitchen cabinets to cabinets. Wanted a logo that suggests quality and workmanship.


speedynotes was made for a fast and friendly messaging or parcel delivery service. It’s presented in a somewhat humorous way to create a memorable impression.


inkdrive is a company specializing in industrial decal printing. Lumo was tasked with naming and designing a logo that suggests industry as well as printing. An inkdrop and a gear was an excellent concept that hit the mark.


Featuring a rocket and the word boom. The double o’s are the rocket flames shooting out below the rocket. Fun concept I love.

Mid-America Genetics

Logo for a hog genetic company from Canada. Mark consists of a hog in the form of lines from a DNA sequence.

Higher Motion Production

Girl on a swing logo for a studio Higher Motion Productions. The movement in the silhouette shows a girl gaining momentum.

Study Buddy

Logo for a school related website or study aid for an educational purpose. A friendly dog as the main character sets a warm mood.


Vantile was designed for a construction company and/or flooring company. Mark features a colouful ‘v’ in a tiled fashion. This logo design could be used for many different applications.