Daily Jazz

Logo design featuring a saxophone and paper. Logo is ideal for a music blog/website. This brand is currently for sale.

Bath Buddies

Brand for a friendly store marketing to children. Catchy title with a boy and a duck in a tub!

Robin’s Nest

Logo for a restaurant or motel. Concept of a robin presented in a minimal style suggests a warm and comfortable environment.

Dig This Tree

Logo I designed for a tree nursery. Wanted to communicate quality in a different way and the name of the brand is a playful double meaning.

Royal Notes

Royal Notes is a logo design for a Christian Music website. The logo features music notes with a crown on top to symbolize royalty. I felt that the crown was a significant Christian symbol and wanted to incorporate it into this design.


This wordmark is a perfect example of how custom typography can give your company an extra edge. Completely unique and custom.


iluminar is a logo for an organization or union with a cause. The circular ring suggests unity and a sense of purpose.

Evan Kistron

Evan Kistron is a logo designed for construction. This is given reference by the heavy nature of the mark and type. Mark features an E and K at the same time.

81W Glass & Safety

Logo design for a truck safety inspection company. Due to the name giving reference to a geographical location, I stayed with a sign type mark inspired by truck mufflers and a gear shift.


Sheriff is a new cosmetics brand. The wordmark sheriff is versatile and can be reproduced even at very small sizes.


Ditchxpert is a logo I designed for a GPS mapping software that calculates slopes for drainage ditches. Logo features an x showing right and left to symbolize direction.