Web Design

Web Design and Website Development

The World Wide Web has become the primary source individuals rely on to obtain information. More and more consumers turn to websites to seek information about products and to make purchases. Online sales are continuing to grow year after year so if your business still does not have a professional website, the time couldn’t be better!

Statistics also show that customers know within 5 seconds if a website is worth browsing. That is why your site should be professionally designed, loads quickly, and works on all the different browsers and screen resolutions. At lumo, I take care of these issues for you.

I will provide you with a site that takes into consideration:

  • Current web standards
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Easy to navigate so customers are not confused
  • A professional, custom design that meets your specifications and one which compliments your existing company

View my portfolio of sites what I have made. I would be happy to include yours.

Steps in Getting a Website Designed:

Contact me to get started on your site. Each site has different needs and I design according to your budget.

Your web design project will take place in the following steps:

  • Phase 1: Domains & Hosting – If you have not already acquired a domain name (eg. www.yourname.com), you can purchase your domain with me.. You also need to get a suitable website hosting plan which you can purchase direct from lumo. Please see our website hosting plans.
  • Phase 2: Planning – This stage involves emailing and phone discussions about your website. I will provide suggestions when possible and provide you with enough information so you can make informed decisions. A design brief will be emailed to you which will cover your design expectations and help me focus on your needs. We will also discuss colours, layout and the overall impression you want to make. Once I know what you require, I will give you a quote for your site. When we agree on the design I’ll get started on designing your custom website! You are expected to pay 50% up front and 50% upon completion of your website.
  • Phase 3: Design – I will design a single page for you. It will show the navigation bar, basic graphics and proposed layout, to obtain a general idea of what your website will look like. We will then discuss the suggested initial design and fine tune it to your satisfaction. This template can be applied to all your pages as required. With a content manages site, I can design the homepage with you and integrate your company logo to your liking. If I am required to design a logo, that is always done prior to website design.
  • Phase 4: Development – The actual development of your custom website takes place with you in control each step of the way. As you provide content, I will incorporate it into the website and send it to you for your review/approval. If you have a content managed website (CMS), you can enter the data yourself. You would require training to learn the basics of running a content managed website. Running your Content Managed Website can have a learning curve and you can purchase as many hours of training as you need.
  • Phase 5: Go-Live –  I try to develop your website online where clients or customers can’t see it. When the time comes to go live with your site, it will be moved to the appropriate directory where you can then begin using your website. Your website  is submitted to various search engines. Typically, it takes 6 – 12 weeks before your site is found in search engines using organic methods. Search engine optimization is applied to the pages as required or agreed upon. If you depend on customers coming to your site, I suggest further SEO implementation.
  • Phase 6: Maintenance – In order to have a successful website, it needs to be maintained. As your company changes, your website also needs to change. This is also important to ensure good ratings with search engines. Whether you want to maintain your site yourself or you want to have another company do it, we can discuss the options. I would be happy to maintain your site. My rates are $50.00/hour and I charge in 15 minute increments. Minor revisions like changing a sentence or two are free. You can order maintenance here.